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New Addington, Kent   Sold Out

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SJ Capital Group first premier investment site is now SOLD OUT. The New Addington site is located in one of the most beautiful areas of countryside in the South East of England. Bromley is London's largest borough, with more than thirty five square miles of countryside, picturesque parks and woodlands to explore.

Latest Planning Update

As was expected and described in the previous planning update, there has not been any significant progress at a local level in terms of planning. This has been exacerbated by the UK nationwide lockdown which essentially resulted in a pause in most non-essential services at council level including work on their development plan.

However, the soon to be adopted London Plan (which provides planning guidance within which all affected LPA's including Bromley must operate) has increased the annual housing delivery target for Bromley from 641 to 1,424 dwellings per annum, a significant increase. This means that the current Bromley development plan, which was already deficient in its delivery, is now significantly under performing and will need to be revised to come in line with its new requirements.

Furthermore, we continue to examine opportunities for alternative uses for the site as a result of the Biggins Hill aerodrome development.

Adoption of the London Plan is anticipated in the near future and this will require a review of all local planning policy including at Bromley.

We expect to have some feedback in the regard by mid-2021.